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Phytoceramides are the plant-derived equivalent of ceramides, a lipid that keeps your skin hydrated and plump. They are fats that occur naturally throughout the body, including the scalp, bones and skin. Ceramides are like the ‘mortar’ that holds your skin together. Phytoceramides are plant-derived molecules that allow you to replace lost ceramides, from the inside out, giving structure back to skin, which lets you fill in wrinkles and fine lines. Ceramides are a family of waxy lipid molecules. Ceramides are composed of sphingosine and a fatty acid. Ceramides are found in high concentrations within the cell membrane of cells.

They are one of the component lipids that make up sphingomyelin. This is one of the major lipids in the lipid bilayer. Contrary to previous assumptions that ceramides and other sphingolipids found in cell membrane were believed to be purely structural elements, ceramide can participate in a variety of cellular signaling: examples include regulating differentiation, proliferation, and programmed cell death (PCD) of cells. Simply put, ceramides help to keep our skin healthy and looking good by maintaining the correct moisture balance.

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Product Name: Oryza Ceramide    

Test Type: Identification and Purity

Country of Origin:  Japan

Composition: Rice extract, Cyclodextrin

  Test Method: Standard
Test Type: Microbiology  Molds & Yeast Test Method: Standard
Test Type: Chemical Heavy Metals
 Test Method: Standard

Phytoceramide Source


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