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Added Attention: A Natural Formula to Help Your Child Focus and Learn

Added Attention: A Natural Formula to Help Your Child Focus and Learn


Childhood is an important time for growth and a vital time for mental development.

Though some children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), all children have moments when their attention and behavior veers out of control.

Imperfect attention and focus is to be expected from children, but at times this can hinder a child’s ability to learn.

Buried Treasure™ Added Attention is a supplement formulated to help your child concentrate and keep them learning. It is made from a natural blend of vitamins, minerals, and a herbal blend to amplify focus.

Brain development and cognitive function during childhood

Childhood is an important time for growth.

It’s a vital time for cognitive development, motor skills, and physical growth.

It’s essential to initiate a healthy lifestyle during childhood to ensure the body, and brain, develop to full capacity.

This includes exercise and physical activity. When children move their bodies, it increases the circulation of blood and delivery of oxygen to the brain, allowing it to function more efficiently.

Also, sleep is an important factor of brain growth an function. Sleep not only boosts a child’s ability to pay attention, but also to retain memory from learning. Studies have shown that children who are not getting their full eight hours of sleep per day have reduced cognitive ability and learning retention (1).

However, nothing is more important for brain development during childhood then proper nutrition. And as children grow, its necessary that they are eating a balanced diet to ensure optimal health.

A balanced diet for a child will include all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for the brain to function properly and for them to remain focused.

These are the nutrients Added Attention contains to provide its many benefits.


The 8 key ingredients in Added Attention

It is normal for children to have moments of poor attention and focus. However, this can obstruct a child’s ability to ability to learn.

Added Attention is formulated to help children concentrate and have an easier time learning despite distractions.

It is made from a natural blend of vitamins, minerals, and a herbal blend all proven to amplify focus.

This includes naturally derived B complex vitamins, phospholipid complex, GABA, DHA, DMAE, and a blend of herbs – lemon balm, gotu kola, and chamomile.

  1. B Vitamin Complex

B vitamins are very important for brain health and most commonly found in animal products and by-products, whole grains, beans, nuts, and dark green vegetables (2).

The B vitamin complex is a group of eight water-soluble vitamins that provide a variety of benefits throughout the body. B vitamins are widely known to help cells function properly, produce energy, build and repair DNA, and aid in the production of essential nervous system chemicals (3).

Out this complex of eight vitamins, three of them benefit the brain and cognitive function most – B6.

Pyridoxine – Also known as B6, is vital for normal brain development in infants and children and is responsible for keeping the nervous system functioning properly (4).

If you child is suffering from low or deficient B vitamins, you notice issues like fatigue, confusion, poor memory, moodiness, and signs of depression and anxiety (4).

  1. Phospholipid Complex

Phospholipids are a type of lipid – aka: a fat – that is an major component of plant and animal cell membranes.

Lipids in general are very important for the brain, as fat makes up 60% of the entire brain mass (5). Fat is primarily found in the ‘gray matter of the brain, which is involved in many sensory functions of the brain. These functions include memory, emotions, decision-making, and self-control.

By consuming an adequate amount of phospholipids, your child could improve their ability to control their focus and attention, retain learning more efficiently, and stabilize their mood.

  1. GABA

Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an amino acid that is essential for neurotransmitter function.

GABA is called an ‘inhibitory neurotransmitter,’ it blocks certain brain signals to decrease activities in your nervous system (6). This, in turn, produces a ‘calming effect’ to destress the body and mind.

Due to its calming effect, GABA helps control feelings of anxiety and stress.

  1. DHA

DHAdocosahexaenoic acid – is the most effective type of unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid found in animal products and algae.

Omega-3s are essential for brain function and mental health. DHA making up 30% of all brain matter (7).

Maintaining an adequate intake can provide many benefits to the brain, including improving the symptoms of anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, ADHD (8). It also helps improve cognitive function to increase attention span and ability to learn.

  1. DMAE

DMAE goes by many names – dimethylaminoethanol, dimethylethanolamine, or Deanol – is a compound that my increase the production of the chemical acetylcholine (9). Acetylcholine is naturally produced by the body that stimulates nerve cell function.

Acetylcholine also has a positive effect on the brain, like improving mood, ability to learn, and retaining memory.

There is also some evidence that DMAE can assist with treating attention and focus.

  1. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a natural herb belonging to the mint family that is traditionally used for mood and cognitive function (10).

The lemon-scented herbs is helpful by relaxing the mind and boosting mood. It is commonly used to reduce stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity.

When it comes to cognitive function, lemon balm can assist in improving memory, alertness, and concentration.

Additionally, this herb can also improve the quality of sleep reduce restless. This is very important considering sleep is a top factor in brain development in brain development (10).

  1. Gotu Kola

Sometimes called the ‘herb of longevity,’ gotu kola is an herb from the parsley family. It has been used in traditional medicine in many Southeast Asian countries. One of the benefits it provides is boosting brain power.

In clinical studies, gotu kola and folic acid (a form of vitamin B9) have performed the same in their ability to benefit cognitive function. Gotu kola, however, was more effective at improving memory and nerve function (11).

Other positive effects of gotu kola include mood stabilization and anxiety relief as well as improving sleep quality.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile is a popular herb that comes from an edible variety of daisy-like flowers. These flowers have been used for centuries as a natural remedy and is known as one of the most ancient medicinal herbs.

It is often consumed as a tea, but it can also be taken as an essential oil to provide its many health benefits, including improving digestion, heart health, and immunity.

It also assists mental health by promoting calmness to ease the complications of hyperactivity for children. The calming effect of chamomile also aids in restful sleep and stabilizing mood (12).

Knowing if your child needs nutritional support for their cognitive function

How do you know if your child may need some extra help focusing?

You should begin with looking at your child’s lifestyle and if they are getting enough exercise, sleep, and are eating a balanced diet full of essential nutrients.

A healthy lifestyle from a young age promotes health growth and develop of the body and brain, building cognitive capacity to last a lifetime.

You can also look for several symptoms that indicate reduced cognitive function, including (4):

  • Fatigue or hyperactivity
  • Confusion
  • Poor memory
  • Lack of focus and attention
  • Moodiness


If you notice any of these signs in your child, you may want to consider a supplement that benefits cognitive function and focus.

Could Added Attention benefit your child with their daily focus and learning?

Buried Treasure™ Added Attention contains many ingredients to help children who struggle to pay attention and makes focusing easier.

This supplement is formulated to help your child concentrate and keep them learning. It is made from a natural blend of vitamins, minerals, and a herbal blend to amplify focus.

If your child suffers from common difficulties with concentration, mood instability, or hyperactivity, Added Attention – along with a regular physical activity, balanced diet, and adequate sleep – may be the perfect natural supplement for them.

Seek advice from a medical professional

Consult with a healthcare professional to if your child is having difficulty staying focused.

You can discuss if they are consuming an adequate amount of the recommended nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, or if a supplement may benefit their cognitive function.

And as always, if your child is experiencing any negative reactions, seek out the advice of a medical professional immediately.

Author: Allison Lansman, RDN, LD








Added Attention Children’s Learning and Focus Support with GABA DHA Vitamin B and Herbal Blend

  • Award winning formula to naturally help developing brains focus.   Naturally plant based ingredients
  • Natural cane sugar. No artificial ingredients, fillers, colors or preservatives
  • Vegetarian Safe, Dairy free, gluten free, yeast free

Allison Lansman is a Registered Dietitian (RD),

Allison Lansman is a Registered Dietitian (RD), freelance nutrition and health writer, and wellness blogger. She is the owner/operator of The Freelance RD writing service and blog. Her business provides mainly writing services, but also product development, educational services and brand partnerships.

As an RD, Allison embraces a modern approach to nutrition and wellness. She believes we benefit most from building positive, balanced connections between mind, body, food, and environment. And she is passionate about sharing that philosophy through wellness communication and writing.

Her educational background is through Iowa State University, where she completed both her undergraduate degree and dietetics internship. She is currently studying towards an Masters in Public Health.

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Grape Seed Extract

grape seed extract antioxidant liquid supplement

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seeds are rich in antioxidants and oligomeric proanthroyanidin complexes (OPCs) that confer its health benefits. The grape seed extract (GSE) is derived from the seeds, pulp and white membranes of a grape fruit.  GSE is made by mixing grape fruit seeds and pulp into a highly acidic liquid. The health benefit effects of the extract were discovered by Jacob Harich an American immunologist in the year 1972. GSE encompasses a mixture of flavonoids linoleic acid, vitamin E and phenolic procyanidins. However, the most active agents of the GSE are the Oligomeric procyanidins (OPCS) or polyphenols. All these are important in protection of the blood vessels and cells from damage. Action on the blood vessels helps maintain an optimal blood pressure. Also, dilates the blood vessels thus reducing pressure.  On the other hand, OPCs play a key role in the counteraction of free radicals produced in the body due to their antioxidative property. They also inhibit lipid peroxidation courtesy of the OPCs. This is essential in maintaining a good health and longevity as it prevents premature aging.

Notably, OPCs also play an immune-supportive role as they may create a health inflammation response and prevent body’s invasion by foreign bodies that may weaken the immune system. Resveratrol present in the extract is responsible for the function as it may reduce inflammation response. Additionally, compounds known as polyphenols namely, limonoids and naringenin present in GSE   are responsible for enhancing the immune system. It also aids in reducing swelling as a result of injuries.  The ability of GSE extract to potentiate vitamin C activity also contributes to its immune-supportive function.

Another role of GSE is that it improves the health of the skin as it acts as an alpha hydroxyl acid compounds that are easily absorbed by the skin. Polyphenols are the compounds responsible for improvement in the skin elasticity as they are excellent binders of collagen fibers thus help improve the condition of connective tissues and thus generally maintaining the elasticity of skin, joints, arteries, and other connective tissues. Additionally, polyphenols are responsible for the radical scavenging ability. These neutralize the harmful singlet oxygen radicals in the body thus inhibiting unwanted inflammation and damage to the cells (Mielnik et al., 2006). Inhibit platelet aggregation thus preventing formation of clots. The flavonoids which are the most common group of polyphenolic compounds in grapes are responsible for counteracting the LDL molecules in the body thus contributing to good vascular health as it prevents clogging in vessels especially arteries.

OPCs in grape seed extract also protect the body cells from damage and unregulated multiplication through the antioxidative effect.  This also reduces oxidative stress and preserves mitochondrial function to facilitate energy production by the body cells. It also boosts the wound healing process making it heal faster and reducing scar formation. According to research, proanthocyanidin a type of polypehnol is quickens the wound healing due to its antioxidant property. Additionally, the alpha hydroxyl acid component of GSE improves the moisture barrier of the skin cells aiding in the regeneration process. The cells are able to retain enough moisture for a fresh appearance.

Grape seed extract also contains high levels of procyanadin dimmers that inhibit the enzyme aromatase to regulate cell growth hence normal growth and development.  It also improves flexibility in joints, blood vessels and body tissues and organs such as the heart. Animal studies have shown that grape seed extract is important for maintaining bone strength. It improves bone formation and strength that helps regulate skeletal growth.

Lastly, GSE has the ability to relax blood vessels thus enabling the control of blood pressure.  This function is facilitated by the presence of high concentrations of oligomeric procyanidins in the grape seed extract that stimulate the relaxation of arteries thus controlling the blood pressure. This also confers preventive and therapeutic function in maintenance of cognitive function as blood flow to the brain is increased.

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bayberry nutritional supplement


Bayberry is a common name for plants in the genus Myrica encompassing up to 50 species. It contains tannins that confer its mechanism of action. Traditionally, bayberry was used as a beverage due to its stimulant and tonic properties. The parts used for therapeutic purposes include the bark, leaves, and roots. However, the root bark is the essential part as it contains biologically active compounds including, triterpenes (taraxerol, taraxeron, and myrikadiol), flavonoids, tannins, and phenols. For instance, the dried bayberry root has traditionally be used as a nasal astringent to contract and dry tissues in the sinus cavity in order to dry the secretions. One of the flavonoids known as myricetin is specific to this genus. Other constituents include vitamin C, potassium, starch and calcium.

The main functions exhibited by Myrica species include astringent, antibiotic, antispasmodic, expectorant, diaphoretic, tonic and stimulant. The presence of high concentrations of tannins in the root bark of the bayberry plays a role not only in the protection against infection but also tightening of the mucous membranes.

Myricetin gives bayberry ability to prevent invasion by foreign bodies.  In vitro studies have shown that red bayberry extract suppresses the growth and virulence gene expression of bacteria such as Vibrio cholerae.The dichloromethane extract of leaves of Myrica Serrata has also been shown to inhibit the growth of Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli in vitro. It promotes sweating that flushes out toxins and helps lower the fever as well. However, potency to treat particular infections is unclear.  The bacteriostatic activity of C-methylated dihydrochalcones one of the constituents of Myrica has also contributed to its immune supporting function. Additionally, laboratory studies have shown the role of mycetrin in the stimulation of bile flow that may be useful in the management of conditions related to the liver and gallbladder. Myricetin also exhibits pain relieving effects in vivo. A root extract experimented on animal models demonstrated analgesic activity.

Notably, most of the health benefits are also due to the plant’s astringent properties. The astringent properties assist in the management of respiratory symptoms such as coughing. Besides, Bayberry shows potency in the management of gastrointestinal inflammation.  It supports the digestive and respiratory systems through maintenance of inflammation. The tannins component play a significant role in the regulating of the inflammatory processes. This function is mainly beneficial to the gastrointestinal system.

Cyanidin-3-O-glucosidase present in Chinese bayberry fruit regulates normal cell replication. Scavenging activity reduced cell proliferation, decreased cell adherence and induced abnormal morphological changes similar to apoptosis.Chinese bayberry fruit extract(CBFE) also alleviates oxidative stress thus inhibiting 1,2-dimethylhydrazine(DMH)-induced intestinal aberrant crypt foci (ACF) in rat colon carcinogenesis. This is due to the high content of phenolic compounds.

Bayberry bark is also used topically to manage the wound care process. Bruises respond well to the oil of bayberry. Direct application of a decoction on chronic sores or varicose veins is also beneficial.  However, the species also show anticoagulant activity. In vivo studies with myricetin, has shown that it shows increases clotting time. Additionally, ant thrombin activity interferes with coagulation as well.

Bayberry is also used for the management of mouth and gum related problems. The incorporation of bayberry bark root powder in toothpaste preparations is one of the applications in the contemporary world.

The recommended dosage in synthetic preparations is up to 0.5g per day. Bayberry has an emetic function in high doses which functions as a treatment for poisoning such as in case of narcotic poisoning. However, excessively high doses can have adverse effects as a result of mineralocorticoid imbalance between sodium and potassium, resulting in fluid retention and hypertension in the long-run. Although safe, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding children or a child as it is a strong herb.

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eyebright nutritional supplement for health and wellness


Eyebright scientifically known as Euphrasia Officinalis. This herb was traditionally used in Europe as an herbal remedy of various disorders. Specifically, it was commonly used for the treatment of eye problems hence the name. The decoctions and infusions, especially from the flowering aerial parts, were used in the relief of a dry cough, hoarseness, purulent skin lesions and catarrhal issues of the intestinal tract. The plant is endowed with various organic, chemical and nutritional properties that confer its various health benefits. It exhibits various biological activities such as creating a healthy inflammation response, elimination of free radicals, antimicrobial, maintaining optimal cell growth, counteracting viral and fungal invasion, hypotensive, liver protection, protection against epilepsy, and anti-catarrhal functions. It also contains vitamins B, C, E and beta-carotene in vitamin A that give the nutritional benefits associated with the vitamins. Additionally, it contains alkaloids, tannins, volatile oils, anti-oxidants such as caffeic acid, ferulic acid, and flavonoid.

Notably, the therapeutic effects of eyebright continue to beneficial to modern day. Therapeutic effects are mainly attributed to its  ability to scavenge for free radicals, counteract unnecessary inflammatory response processes and immune-supporting activity. Although few scientific studies have been performed to determine the activity of the Eyebright plant, its antiseptic property has proved effective in cleansing the eye. This makes eye bright useful in the treatment of eye-related problems. Eye drops from eyebright plant are useful in the treatment of ocular allergy symptoms. Its function as an eyewash is attributed to the presence of volatile oil content and tannin. Eyebright also tightens the mucous membranes of the eye and tends to relieve the inflammation response of the conjunctiva and the eyelash follicles. Eyebright is also useful in relieving hypersensitivity of the eyes to light. Additionally, its ability to counter mucus makes it useful in the management of infectious and allergic conditions affecting the eye, middle ear, sinuses and nasal passage. Although it helps dry liquid mucus, its use in dry or stuffy congestion could worsen the condition due to the plant’s astringent property.

Free radical scavenging activity protects the body from toxic substances that might cause unwanted cell damage. Substances isolated from the plant responsible for its  immune supporting function  action include apigenin, luteolin, kaempferol, quercetin, caffeic acid, coumaric acid and rosmarinic acid. All these are responsible for the plant’s  immune system protecting activity, especially against bacteria.

Eyebright protection against unwanted inflammatory response processes is due to the ability of the extract to reduce the production of cytokines especially in the treatment of eye. The herb helps with a healthy inflammation response as a result of conditions that weaken the immune system.

Eyebright also contains natural astringent and antibacterial agents that play a role in tightening and unclogging of porous oily or irritated skin. The cleansing is mainly done under the eye area or the whole face especially over the nose and chin where the pores tend to appear bigger. The presence of flavonoids protects the skin from environmental stressors which helps restore the look of the skin. Its astringent property also helps in skin wound healing when applied topically.

It also confers systemic effects such as the stimulation of the liver to release vitamin A. This is however not proven scientifically. It is also said to aid memory and bring clear thinking. The presence of flavonoids and beta-carotene has a role in the improvement of cognitive performance and memory as well.

Unfortunately, the use of large amounts of eyebright can result in adverse effects such as increased eye pressure and sensitivity to light. Other allergic reactions may include respiratory distress, swelling of tongue, lips, and face. The evaluation of eyebright for safety and efficacy by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is yet to be substantive.

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Rosemary herb has a wide range of health benefits


Rosemary is a perennial woody aromatic herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. Traditionally used by the Greeks. A common herb in cooking, rosemary has a wide range of health benefits. It can be taken as an extract, powder, oil or tea form. In addition to its great flavor in cooking, it contains phenolic acid derivatives and phenolic diterpenes that give its medicinal properties. It contains several essential oils such as cineol, camphene, bornyl, borneol, alpha-pinene and acetate. Rosemary oil is distilled from the flowering tops and has all the essential oils giving rosemary diaphoretic, immune supportive, astringent and stimulant properties.

To begin with, rosemary functions as a cognitive stimulant. It is said to improve memory and increases intelligence and focus. Rosemary contains an essential oil that boosts memory. According to study rosemary-based aromatherapy was said to improve working memory, memory quality and increases alertness as well. It boosts the nerve growth factor and supports brain function as well as healing of neurological tissue. Carsonic acid (CA) found in rosemary protects the brain from damage including ischemia due to low perfusion and toxin mediated degeneration as a result of free radicals. As such, carnosonic acids protective effects on the neurons shields them from oxidative stress and hyperstimulation thus preserving brain function.

Rosemary has an immune supportive function as it detoxifies the blood and protects the body against invasion by foreign bodies. It has a slight diuretic due to action of carnosol that helps flush out toxins. Additionally, rosemary helps eliminate free radicals, promotes healthy inflammatory response and regulates cell growth thus curbing any processes that may interfere with immune system due to the presence of phenolic diterpenes such as carnosol. Rosemary creates a healthy inflammatory reponse. Carnosol targets inflamed cells to reduce inflammation. The two compounds that confer these functions are carnosol and carnosic acids that produce a healthy inflammatory response of muscles, blood vessels and joints. High concentrations of rosemary extract reduce the production of molecules such as COX-1, TNF-alpha and iNOS. Rosemarinic acid and caffeic acid help to minimize damage to body cells by free radicals that induce DNA damage.

Rosemary also, contains various minerals each with a unique health function. For instance, it has cardiac health and vascular health functions due to the presence of iron that takes part in hemoglobin synthesis that carries oxygen. Potassium helps in cardiac functioning and regulation of the heart rate. Others include, copper, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B vitamins such as pantothenic acid, riboflavin and pyridoxine. Manganese in combination with superoxide dismutase prevents and protects against unregulated cell division.

The herb also supports regulated cell growth by eliminating non-viable cells. It does this by decreasing the level of heterocyclic amines (HCAs). Besides, the fact that carnosol has selective toxicity towards harmful non-viable cells makes it beneficial as it spares the neighboring healthy cells. Rosemary is also promotes healthy muscular response. This is due to its ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response while improving circulation at the same time.

Above all, rosemary extract is beneficial for the skin. It nourishes blemishes in the skin to give it a natural shine and a youthful look. Additionally, it protects the skin from harmful ultra violet rays which reduces aging or damage to the skin cells. It has also been reported to enhance and hasten the wound healing process when applied externally thus aiding in skin repair. It also stimulates hair growth and can be used to curb hair loss.

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Andographis Immune function

The immune system is the body’s natural defense system. However, at times challenges to the immune system may call for some extra nutritional support. Andrographis paniculata, a common name in Ayurveda medicine is one such immune enhancing herb that confers immunomodulating properties that help stimulate the immune system (Okhuarobo eta l.,2014).

The plants active component, andrographolide is a potent immune system stimulant that works by enhancing cell-mediated immune response. For instance, research shows that natural killer cell mediated target cell lysis is enhanced by the administration of andrographis paniculata extract. Besides, andrographolides promote the production of white blood cells, interferon release and enhance the protective function of the lymphatic system. The macrophages and antibodies   produced scavenge for invaders through antibody dependent cell-mediated cytoxicity thus restoring immunity (S. (2013, August 01). They also, reduce the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-1beta, IL-6, GM-CSF and TNF-alpha (Sheeja & Kuttan, 2010). Therefore, it is evident that Andrographis paniculata’s immune stimulating ability confer its beneficial biological properties.

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Thyme for natural health and wellness


An aromatic herb in the mint family, thyme grows to a height of fifteen inches (about 40 cm), with small rounded leaves and pink flowers on woody stems. Today the plant is common throughout North America, but it originated in the southern Mediterranean. Experts in language tell us that thyme’s name was derived from the Greek word thumus, or courage. In Medieval times, knights wore sprigs of thyme on their armor as a sign of courage. The scent of thyme was thought to give them strength in the midst of battle.

The interesting health benefits of thyme include its ability to relieve stress.  With one of the highest antioxidant concentrations in any herb, thyme has been praised for thousands of years as an overall health booster. The phenolic antioxidants found in thyme, including lutein, zeaxanthin, and thymonin contribute to neutralizing and eliminating free radicals throughout the body.

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Echinacea Flower

Echinacea Flower all natural ingredients for natural immune support

Echiacea Flower

Echinacea species are herbaceous, drought-tolerant perennial plants growing up to 140 cm or 4 feet,[4] in height. They grow from taproots, except E. purpurea, which grows from a short caudex with fibrous roots. They have erect stems that in most species are unbranched. Both the basal and cauline (stem) leaves are arranged alternately. The leaves are normally hairy with a rough texture, having uniseriate trichomes (1-4 rings of cells) but sometimes they lack hairs. The basal leaves and the lower stem leaves have petioles, and as the leaves progress up the stem the petioles often decrease in length. The leaf blades in different species may have one, three or five nerves. Some species have linear to lanceolate leaves, and others have elliptic- to ovate-shaped leaves; often the leaves decrease in size as they progress up the stems. Leaf bases gradually increase in width away from the petioles or the bases are rounded to heart-shaped. Most species have leaf margins that are entire, but sometimes they are dentate or serrate.

The flowers are collected together into single rounded heads at the ends of long peduncles. The inflorescences have crateriform to hemispherically shaped involucres which are 12–40 mm wide. The phyllaries, or bracts below the flower head, are persistent and number 15–50. The phyllaries are produced in a 2–4 series. The receptacles are hemispheric to conic. The paleae (chaffs on the receptacles of many Asteraceae) have orange to reddish purple ends and are longer than the disc corollas. The paleae bases partially surrounding the cypselae, and are keeled with the apices abruptly constricted to awn-like tips. The ray florets number 8–21 and the corollas are dark purples to pale pink, white, or yellow. The tubes of the corolla are hairless or sparsely hairy, and the laminae are spreading, reflexed, or drooping in habit and linear to elliptic or obovate in shape. The abaxial faces of the laminae are glabrous or moderately hairy. The flower heads have typically 200-300 fertile, bisexual disc florets but some have more. The corollas are pinkish, greenish, reddish-purple or yellow and have tubes shorter than the throats. The pollen is normally yellow in most species, but usually white in E. pallida.

Recommended Immune Support Products

ACF Fast Relief Advanced Immune Response

ACF Extra Strength Ultra Immune Recovery

Children’s ACF Advanced Immune Response

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Fast Acting Natural Boost for Your Immune Function – My Interview with Lester Burks

Fast Acting Natural Boost for Your Immune Function – My Interview with Lester Burks

Interview with Lester Burkes

This is the time of year when summer is fading and winter is fast approaching. With winter comes exposure to viruses of all sorts, leading to an assault on our immune function. We all want to stay healthy and if you are like me, you try to prepare nutritionally and you assemble your supplements for fighting off the first sign of attack. This interview is about one way to get fast and impressive results.

Click below to hear the full interview: [sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″]

In our interview I will discuss ACF Fast Relief with Lester Burks, Chief Managing Officef of Life Line Foods. Life Line Foods is the manufacturer of the Buried Treasure line of liquid supplements. They have about 35 products and we are going to discuss one specialized formula – ACF Fast Relief. ACF Fast Relief is a liquid formula of vitamins, minerals, herbs and silver. It is a product that has been a mainstay in health food stores for decades. It is a liquid that you take four times a day beginning at the first sign of an attack. We will discuss what is in it and how it works.

I cannot stress enough the importance of doing something at the first and earliest possible time. The longer you wait the longer your affliction is likely to last. Time is truly of the essence. One of the recurring comments from users is how fast it works.  This is why you want to have the product on hand so you can take at the first sign. One bottle last four days and you will feel better in two. I have personally found that if I slam my immune supplements at the first sign I will often knock it out in the first 24 hours.

bt_acfACF Fast Relief is not designed as a preventive agent. Buried Treasure has a different formula for daily use. ACF Fast Relief is for boosting your immune response at the first sign of symptoms. You will feel better soon. ACF Fast Relief is a blend of vitamin C and Zinc combined with the classic herbs, echinacea and elderberry, golden seal, thyme, ginger, white willow, myrhh, osha and usnea. Finally it has purified Silver. Most of you will be somewhat familiar with that list of ingredients. You might even know that some of those herbs and zinc are not all that good tasting. Some are bitter herbs. But they are also time tested and clinically confirmed to bolster immune function. So you should know going in that this is not going to taste good. It doesn’t. But it works really fast. Taste is temporary, get over it. ACF is also a family of products. There is ACF Extra Strength, Prevention ACF and ACF for Children.

  • natural_medicines

    SIDE NOTE: Buried Treasure has partnered with Natural Medicines Database to provide you access to the huge collection of nutritional information. This is a great resource for a review of the science for each nutrients. You can look up each of these ingredients for a comprehensive view of the benefits. This is usually a subscription service that is provided free by Buried Treasure. You can also look up possible nutrient interactions. Good companies want you to learn and understand more about the benefits of nutrition.

One distinct advantage that you have with liquid supplements is that they can get into your system quickly. There is no breakdown time. Liquids are rapidly absorbed and your body can respond sooner than with tablets. In order for vitamins and minerals to be utilized by the body, they must be absorbed by the blood cells from the bloodstream after passing through the digestive tract. Studies have questioned whether tablets, capsules, and softgel caps dissolve quickly enough to be effective, if they dissolve! Therefore, the key to nutrient effectiveness is directly related to the amount of active ingredients and the rate of their delivery and assimilation into the bloodstream.

In order for nutrients to be bioavailable (the percent of active ingredients that actually reaches the bloodstream), the digestive system is required to break down the binders, fillers, and other excipients used to hold the active ingredients together in tablets. Gelatin capsules and softgel caps require the break down of plasticizers, and beef and pork byproducts which are used as ingredients in most capsules. Artificial colors are often added to softgel caps to ensure a constant color.

Because the digestive system becomes less effective with age and when the body is under stress, assimilation of nutrients becomes less than optimal. Research shows that after age 50, the utilization of essential nutrients is greatly reduced. So when nutrient absorption may be most critical, our bodies lack the ability to break down the tablets, gelatin capsules, and softgel caps. Liquid supplements are often easier for many people to swallow. If you have trouble swallowing tablets or capsules then you can appreciate a liquid supplement. Even if you are someone who takes a lot of supplements, sometimes it is nice not to add more tablets. Buried Treasure has a wide variety of liquid formulas. Check with your local health food store. Buried Treasure is backed by a 100% performance guarantee.

About Lester Burks
Lester Burks is the Chief Managing Officer of Life Line Foods. Life Line Foods was founded by the Burks family in 1969 and has been serving the health food industry for over 45 years. In the early years they produced organic breads which were hand delivered to customers throughout the southeast, and later became the first producer of an all-organic frozen pizza to be sold nationwide. Lester Burks grew up in the family business, and over the years watched his mother struggle with painful rheumatoid arthritis. Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients was founded to fulfill a need for highly absorbable liquid nutrients that were both affordable and of the highest potency so they could deliver the lowest cost per milligram of utilized nutrients. Such is the passion that has driven the growth and acceptance of natural products industry. Small companies started by people with a vision for better health. 

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