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Colloidal Silver

colloidal silver natural supplement for immune support

Colloidal Silver: A Shining Star For Immune Function

Silver though not an essential nutrient is one of the most important trace elements especially with regard to the body’s immune system. Colloidal silver in particular not only confers immune-supporting activity but also has the ability to function as a superior second immune system. Notably, colloidal silver refers to a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base. It is the water infused with protein bound silver compounds that have a supportive function; hence supportive for the immune system (Haase, Fahmi, & Mahltig,2014).

Additionally, colloidal silver boosts the immune system by increasing the leukocyte and red blood cell count through increasing their production. The red blood cells carry oxygen to the tissues hence crucial for mounting an effective immune response. Therefore, this form of silver boosts the immune system thereby reinforcing our general health and longevity. 

Colloidal Silver is the generalized term for different concentrations of ionic silver compounds. The specific silver used in Buried Treasure products is a non-accumulative patented nano-silver.   This higher grade of ionic nano-silver allows the effects of silver to work continuously until expelled by the body.  This patented nanosilver can be found in the various Buried Treasure immune support products including Quantum Silver and ACF family of immune support products.