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Older Is Not Without Fun

We get older by the minute and our body changes but that doesn't mean we have to sit back and only watch the fun of the youth. Buried Treasure's Joint-Ease is formulated to help increase mobility and flexibility so you can enjoy spending time with your grandchildren...

Tis the Season….. “Allergies”

Its that time of the year when you want to be outdoors in the sun! To help you enjoy every minute of the fun Buried treasure has formulated Aller-Ease to help prepare your immune system to ward off the attacks of hayfever, allergies, pollen and that fresh mowed lawn...

School Time

School starts and you want you children to stay alert and be prepared. Buried Treasure has a line that is just made for kids. Added Attention for concentration and focus. Children’s Complete for the vitamins and minerals they need. Children’s ACF because the cooler seasons are near.

Family (lifestyle)

We know family is first and most precious to you. You want to ensure they grow healthy and strong with the minerals and vitamins they need. Buried Treasure has a full line of products for each member of your family from pre-natal to over 55.Buried Treasure -...

Energy to go and go and…

    Get the most out of your day!! Buried Treasure Energy Xtension, an energizing supplement that works with your body to improve endurance and increase physical and mental working capacity in a fast-acting liquid formula. Make a healthy choice to keep you...

VM100 Active Lifestyle

Maintain your active lifestyle with Buried Treasure VM100 Complete. a High Potency Vitamin plus Plant-Derived Minerals Nutritional System that is rich in antioxidants.


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Women Keeping Healthy

Be beautiful and healthy. Every woman wants clear complexion, Shiny hair and tough nails. Buried Treasure's Hair, Skin & Nails is formulated for these specific areas that you want to stay healthy. We all grow older, but we can help our bodies be better by making...

Healthy Lifestyle

Maintain a healthy life. Keep that vitality that has brought you to this day. Buried Treasure liquid vitamins, VM100 Complete, Daily Nutrition and Liquid Vitamins work for you fast .

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