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Symptoms of the Season

Fight against the winter season with Buried Treasure liquid nutrients. Click a bottle to learn more about that ACF liquid nutrient.    


Being active is not just for the young. You can feel great and enjoy the things you love to do by keeping a healthy lifestyle. Buried Treasure has developed a number of fast to act liquid nutrients that help your body with energy, focus and antioxidants. Work and play...

Stay Active

Staying active as you age is important to how you feel and the strength your body has for the actives you enjoy. Buried Treasure has formulated liquid nutrients to help your body get what it needs thru the days, weeks, months and years.Check out the great liquid...

Study Season!!

It is that time of year.... STUDY SEASON!!!Buried Treasure has liquid nutrients that are formulated to help with Study Season.Feeling less focused? Try Neuro Nectar.Having less energy due to late exam cramming? Get a boost with Energy Xtension.Got the 2pm drag...

Stressless Health

Too busy today? Have too much to do and can't relax? Stressless Heath is not impossible! Buried Treasure has formulated Stress B Gone to help fight stress, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia while promoting mental clarity.* STRESS B GONE - learn more about it!*This...


Help keep them in BALANCE every day!!Buried Treasure's Children's Complete delivers high potency vitamins and minerals providing children with the nutritional assurance parents demand.Learn more Children's Complete! 

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Healthy Living

Healthy Living is always the main focus in Buried Treasure liquid nutrients! Eating right and being fit along with the right vitamins and minerals can inspire you that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. Feeling vitality and energy helps you make...

TN has us too!!!

Find Buried Treasure products in the lower eastern part of Tennessee at Abundant Living Organic Foods. We are very happy to have them as a retail affiliate here in our home state!! Find them on Facebook: go now

Where to find us – Hudson, FL

If you live in or around Hudson, FL you can Buried Treasure products at A to Zinc Nutritional Shoppe. We are happy to have them as a retail affiliate!! Find them on Facebook: go now   

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