Buried Treasure has liquid nutrients designed for function-specific needs.

Nutripac® ACF

Nutripac® ACF Extra Strength

Nutripac® Children’s ACF

ACF Fast Relief

ACF Extra Strength

Buried Treasure Aller Ease Seasonal relief


Children's ACF Rapid Immune Support herbal blend with vitamins and minerals

Children's ACF

Coconut Oil MCT

Digestive Relief

Herbal Iron


Liquid Chlorophyll bottle

Liquid Chlorophyll

Lumi Shield Plus

Men's Prostate Complete

Neuro Nectar

Organic Omega 3 Plus Vegan DHA

Omega 3 DHA Oil

PreNatal Plus

Prevention ACF

Quantum Silver

Sleep Complete

Soothing Syrup ACF

Stress B Gone

Buried Treasure Women's Change menopause hormone balance supplement

Women's Change

XyliSwish Mouth Wash